Father Judgment (3-3)

“Father Judgment”

While the innocent seed of your

sheep weep your name,

you dare deny same love.

Preach the word of love,

but lead the life of separation and hate.

Don’t you get it?

Your regurgitated beliefs and genetic faith

have wronged your mind,

wronged the words of the book

from which you claim to exist.

Fear your god, but we fear you,

For your wrath is more vengeful and hurtful

Than any brimstone can dream.

You still don’t understand?

Allow me to speak in your language:


Our father, who art in heaven,

judgment be thy name;

Judge ye for I am not perfect,

and repent not for my “sins,”

today or any other day.

Give us this day your hypocrisies,

and bullshit masks of hate,

as we give others the love and respect

you so claim to preach,

but leave us the fuck alone. Amen.


4 responses to “Father Judgment (3-3)

  1. I can tell, from the intense and audacious tone of this poem that your perspective on religion is quite strong. I think you conveyed your disdain and concerns quite clearly.
    This line conjured up some really effective and powerful images for me. “Your “regurgitated beliefs and genetic faith” I envisioned someone literally heaving rhetoric and texts… while their strands of DNA coiled more tightly.

    I really loved the second stanza. It intensified the emotion of the first even further. To poetically turn the beast’s weapon upon the beast itself, so to speak, felt like a strong creative choice.

  2. William, I am absolutely in love with this poem. Truly, an amazing poem and I honestly felt like we were back in the classroom and you were inspiring me to write some spoken word for the first time again. I felt like this was something raw and I absolutely love everything about the prayer. I swear sometimes we are on the same wavelengths because I had a similar idea to this one! If I write it, I’ll point it out to you! I loved it will. My favorite lines? Honestly the last stanza was perfect, but the first stanza. “Fear your god, but we fear you,

    For your wrath is more vengeful and hurtful

    Than any brimstone can dream.

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