The Pain of Secrets (Revealed) (7-7)

“The Pain of Secrets (Revealed)”


My family’s closet is a morgue.

But the more skeletons I find,

the more tags I find for these John Doe’s,

the more I wish I was one of them.


3 responses to “The Pain of Secrets (Revealed) (7-7)

  1. damn. i just commented how someone’s poem was short and intense but this takes it. it’s this rapid fire of truth. i feel like you could go on with this if you wanted to but it speaks a lot in these four lines and your ending is like a defeat but it’s powerful, it’s a realization of truth.

  2. Okay, so. Four lines? You know what Smith would say :p
    But, I actually really loved it. I found myself re-reading the lines over and over again. They were very powerful, just like Allison said.

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