Fucked-Up Art Project (8-8)

“Fucked-Up Art Project”


From my sleeve, I hand you this

red, beating, pumping,

scotch-taped and super-glued

hollow muscle.

You accept it,

and hold it for the time being,

only to return it with

another piece of tape,

and more dried glue.

This is becoming all-too-common practice.

Too many times now,

I have handed you my heart

and you throw it back.

One day, I’ll drop it,

Let it break,

and won’t bother to pick it up.


2 responses to “Fucked-Up Art Project (8-8)

  1. Hoy, the reader can really sense the tone of disillusionment and hurt. It always amazes me how you use such simple language and still manage to convey strong emotion

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