Decisions, Decisions (10-10)

“Decisions, Decisions”


“He who hesitates is lost,” so they say,

so I jump to make my decisions and declare

who I am before anyone else can play

the cards I was dealt for me, whether just or unfair.


If I think too much, I’ll lose what I want

but if I don’t think at all, I may choose wrong

and that’s not something to approach nonchalant,

but it’s something I knew all along.


But they also say that life is a journey

and no matter how much you try to advance,

your happiness can end up in a morgue, on a gurney;

just another victim of circumstance.


2 responses to “Decisions, Decisions (10-10)

  1. minor: the fourth line of the first stanza – should say just or unfair instead of just of unfair. I like the beginning with how you try to declare your identity as your own- how you won’t allow anyone to define you. seventh line- is- that’s nothing something supposed to be not something? minor word errors to be cleaned up. it’s interesting how you ended the poem – I like the phrase “victim of circumstance” – I say it’s interesting because you only note being a victim of the kind of circumstance that can lead to an untimely death, not the good that can alter your life in one moment. this poem has a strong focus point; the strength and significance of one moment, one choice. I dig it.

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