Here I Blog: It’s the Blog of the Year as We Know It (And I Feel Fine) 2018


Well, it’s been a whole year since the last time I did one of these. I wish I had time in the last 365 days to write/blog about something else – boy did I have the material to do it – but unfortunately, time has not been on my side. Therefore, here we are. Womp. Because it’s been so long since my last post and so much has happened, this year’s post is probably going to be similar to the end-of-year post from two years ago (a lot of recap). I might end up deviating away from that. As always, I write on the fly, so who knows where this thing is going to end up. Anyway, let’s get to it.


My my my, 2017 was one hell of a year. While the world pretty much imploded following the election and everything that followed, I’d be lying if I said I did have a pretty stellar year.

Two years ago was filled with a lot of changes in my life and ups and downs and things of that nature. Last year was more of me learning and growing from all of those changes. This year, was me taking those lessons and making some more, drastic changes in my life.

This past June, I finished my year of student-teaching and it was absolutely fantastic. It reaffirmed my desire to be a teacher and it got me excited for the future as an educator. Unfortunately, I’m still not teaching full-time but I’m definitely on my way.

How am I on my way? Well I just wrapped up my last semester of classes at Brooklyn College. Now I just work out a couple of kinks with the school so I can walk away with my masters and into my certification. Until then, I’ll be slaving away at Outside the Box Shipping. The job is fine enough and provides me with my very necessary income.

Which brings me to my next point. I got my own place! Finally, I found an apartment and moved out. It’s a fixer upper but It’s pretty much me/my life in a nutshell so I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Other good things of note: I’ve gotten back to working out and eating right and have lost 25 lbs as a result, I spoke to my father for the first time in more than 10 years, I finally reached out to someone I had been waiting 13 years to reach out to, and while I’m still single, I’m taking steps towards changing that.

It’s actually been a pretty good for year for most of family and friends. My sister got married over the summer, my brother just had his second kid, my mother just got a promotion at work, my best friend just got a new job, and one of my other close friends started competing in jui jitsu tournaments.

Of course there are ups and downs but for the most part, 2017 has been a pretty good year for me on a personal level. I’m going to leave 2017 with a smile on my face and with hope that 2018 is just as good, if not better